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Robert W. Baird Needs Fail Safe Security

Established in 1920 and headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Robert W. Baird, a leading mid-west securities brokerage house had more than replacing its film and fiche system in mind when it began searching for a Computer Output to Laser Disk - COLD system. In addition to giving many employees in its 65 offices in 10 states fast and easy on-line access to the information in its report output, the company required sophisticated security within the COLD system that assured confidentiality of its customer information. Baird’s vertical corporate hierarchy required alternate security at the customer, broker, office, region and corporate office levels. To compound the requirements further, certain individuals, regardless of where they worked, required access to specific customer account information.

"Customer confidentiality is paramount," said Baird’s Information Technology Director, Jimmy Powell. "We needed a vendor who would work with us in partnership to deliver security layers that would meet our exact needs."

"There are approximately 500 potential COLD users in Baird’s main office and there will be at least one user in each branch location, " said Joe Bosko, Baird’s Computer Operations Manager. Security in the main office is generally horizontal. If an employee works in that location, they can generally access all customer information. At the branch level, brokers are restricted solely to their client information, branch mangers are restricted to that branch’s clients, regional managers restricted to that regions clients and so on. However, there are also administrative assistants that require access to selective accounts in random branches. "Our challenge was to design a security system that was comprehensive and flexible yet understandable and easily maintainable from an administrative point of view," said Matt Murphy, DataTrade’s Software Development Manager. " I think we did just that."

In March 1997, Baird implemented  DataTrade’s Spoolview COLD. system. A Compaq 200Mhz server running Windows NT 4.0, was installed and configured for 50 concurrent Spoolview clients running Windows 95 plus access for 50, 5250 terminals. The server has 256MB of RAM and 81GB of RAID on-line storage. Near line storage is accomplished using an HP 600GB optical jukebox with twelve internal drives using WORM media and driven by Pegasus-OFS storage management software from Pegasus Disk Technologies. The current monthly report volume exceeds 2 million pages of continuous form and 1.3 million pages of client statements. While most of the 1,480 different reports being produced are continuous form, Baird will take advantage of Spoolview’s capability of processing AFP formatted statements in the very near future.

Reports are transmitted overnight from Baird’s processor to an IBM AS/400 in its corporate offices. Spoolview’s automatic report collection module selects the reports that are to be processed directly from the AS/400 report out queues and transfers them via a TCP/IP token ring connection to the NT server where indexing, compression and archiving take place. Any reports that require printing are sent to one of two Xerox 4635, 135 images per minute printers. The Spoolview COLD job stream operates virtually in "lights out" mode and is completed prior to the arrival of Baird personnel the following morning.

"We were pleased to work with such a progressive technology user as Baird," said Colin McAllister, President of DataTrade. "They gave us the real world opportunity to work out all the technical and system issues surrounding a really sophisticated security scheme."

DataTrade, Inc is a leading document management software developer with hundreds of installations worldwide. DataTrade’s products are sold directly to end users and through its worldwide network of resellers, integrators and private labelers. Founded in 1990, the privately held company is based in Springfield, Missouri. For further information contact DataTrade, Inc., 1341 West Battlefield Road, Springfield, MO 65807. Tel. 417-882-1576, Fax 417-882-8423, dti@datatrade.com and http://www/datatrade.com .

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