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How do I find my InveStore product serial number?


Your InveStore product serial number is located on the back of the original CD-ROM sleeve of your InveStore product. If you should not be able to locate the CD-ROM sleeve, then the first step you will need to do is to determine which version of the code that you currently have installed. You may view the Pegasus README file located at the root of the \PDT sub-directory. The README.TXT files will show the version information of the InveStore product you have installed.

This InveStore version number determines where you will be able to locate the product serial number.


  •   If you are using InveStore v4, you may find the serial number from within the InveStore MMC console.
    - Right click on the Server node and select Properties.
    - The serial number is displayed on the General page of the Properties screen.

    If you have InveStore v3.22.00 or newer, the serial number will be located in an InveStore system startup log. The InveStore log files are located in the \PDT\BIN sub-directory. They using the naming convention of "KL[date].LOG" or "OJ[date].LOG". These log files are TEXT format and can be opened using Windows Notepad or Wordpad programs. An InveStore system startup sequence traps the serial number into the log. Identify a log date where you started the InveStore system, and open up that log.

    If you have an older version of InveStore you will be able to locate your product serial number in the SERIAL.TXT file located at the root of the \PDT directory on your server. Use Windows Explorer to locate the \PDT directory folder. Once located, open the SERIAL.TXT file using Windows Notepad or Wordpad.

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