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Technical Support Center Overview

Looking for quick answers to technical questions?

Visit Our On-Line Web Based Help System
The system is designed to help you with many of the common functions within InveStore. It's free, fast and easy-to-use, and it's available 24 hours-a-day.

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Customers with active enrollment in our Annual Maintenance can contact our support staff at 925-314-1800 for direct assistance.


Contacting Pegasus Technical Support

Direct software support is available to partners and registered users of software currently enrolled in the Pegasus Annual Maintenance program.

Users with expired maintenance or with software outside the warranty period can obtain direct assistance at a Pay-Per-Incident rate of $250.

Standard telephone technical support hours are 7:00 - 17:00 PST, Monday - Friday (excluding holidays). We guarantee a 24-hour response time during the business week on all technical support.

When contacting technical support be sure to have the following information ready:

  •  Software serial number (Click here for instructions on how to find my InveStore
    product serial number?)

  • Log files:  InveStore v4: The InveStore LOG files may be found in the \PDT\LOG sub-directory on your Windows storage server. The file name consists of your storage server’s assigned name by your administrator, followed by the date on which the log file was created. The file extension is ".LOG". You may need to send in several LOG files if the problem that you experienced occurred over several days.

    Example: [Server’s name]013007.LOG = STORAGESRVR1013007.LOG

    "StorageSrvr1" being the assigned server name of the above example server. The above file name is for the log file that was generated on January 30th, 2007. For each new day that the InveStore Console is initialized, a new log file is created. Each of the entries in the log file has a TIME stamp followed by messages or error codes indicating the nature of the operation or error condition. This allows tracking of problems in a more efficient fashion.

    • Description of symptoms and what was occurring at the time of the problem

    •  Make and model number of the optical device, including drive type

    •  Make and model number of the SCSI controller
    •  Type of PC
    •  Amount of system RAM

  • Send us this information via email to support@pegasus-afs.com.

    Pegasus support services are subject to Pegasus' then-current prices, terms, and conditions, which are subject to change without notice.