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Software Slot Upgrades

Pegasus software users who need to update their software license to accommodate the addition of new hardware can purchase a "slot upgrade".

For example, a user with InveStore WIN-25 who has a 16 slot jukebox wants to add a new 24 slot jukebox to his storage configuration. The new total slot count is 40. To support this configuration, the InveStore license must be upgraded to accommodate the new slot count. The appropriate license in this case is WIN-52 (supports up to 52 slots).

For existing InveStore v4 users, slot upgrades are 25% off the list price of the software and credit for remaining software maintenance will be applied to the new support contract.


WIN-52    List Price minus 25%
PLUS +AM   Anuual Maintenance
     AM-WIN-52    List Price  (Minus prorated credit for existing software maintenance)
EQUALS =   Slot Upgrade Price


Contact your supplier or a Pegasus representative for more details.


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