Mounting or Pre-mounting a storage volume


Selecting Mount Volume Set from the right-click option starts the InveStore Mount Wizard.


Note: You will NOT use the front panel buttons on the library for this procedure.


      The following display appears. You will now select the Library that you want to mount the Volume/Volume Set into.




      Leave the wildcard Volume Set name "*". InveStore will automatically READ the volumes inserted.

      Select the Mount button. You will then be prompted to place the storage media into the mail-slot of the library:





InveStore will issue the necessary robotic commands to move the media for mounting. An indicator screen will provide a status of the Mount process:




You will be prompted for additional members of a volume set, if applicable. Place these in the mail slot one at a time as prompted and then select the "OK" button.


Important Note: When mounting multi-member volume sets with more than 2 surfaces, you must first complete the mounting of all members of that volume set, before attempting to start a new mount process for a separate volume set.