Committing a volume is the process of flushing "dirty" data to the storage target that is still in the HCM RAM area. ("Dirty" data is the data in the HCM RAM not yet written to the storage target.)


As a normal Write operation occurs, the InveStore HCM flushes this data to the storage target in a background thread, thereby freeing up the process to read ahead for the next portion of the Write.


This function when executed forces a complete flush of this HCM RAM area. All current Write processes will be held, until the commit has been completed.




The Asynchronous commit option allows the commit to occur in the background.

How to access the Commit function


The commit function is accessed by "Right-clicking" on the volume set that you wish to "Commit", and then selecting this option from the pop-up menu. The following screen is displayed:




Selecting "Ok" starts the flushing of data to the volume selected.