WNASPI32.DLL not found


This error message indicates that you are not using one of the SCSI host adapters listed on the InveStore supported list. InveStore does provide the ability to use non-certified SCSI host adapters. However you must make sure that a compliant ASPI manager and related drivers for your SCSI card are properly installed in the Windows operating system prior to initializing InveStore.

The ASPI manager is the software mini-port driver for Windows that allows for communication to SCSI devices. The following modules (available from the manufacturer or your SCSI host adapter) need to be installed to the Windows operating system:







To check the status of this mini-port driver and the SCSI card, select Devices under Windows Control Panel. Make sure the driver for your SCSI card shows the status of started and the startup as boot. Also, make sure that ASPI32 shows started and automatic. Next, go to SCSI devices under the Control Panel. There you should see a listing for your SCSI card's driver (e.g. Adaptec 2940 - AIC78xx). Click on the + sign and it should display the storage device(s) you have attached to the SCSI card.


This is where you can add the ASPI manager to the Windows system if you have not done so already. It will require that you either have the manufacturer’s installation diskette for that particular SCSI card, or the Windows Installation CD-ROM. Path the input screen to the location of the driver. InveStore does not provide the mini-port driver for the SCSI card. InveStore simply assumes that a compatible ASPI manager is in memory.