Receiving Technical Support


Pegasus offers several avenues to assist you with your support needs. The first part is in the InveStore Help file system that you may access directly through the InveStore v4 console. The standalone application may also be directly accessed at: \PDT\HELP\InveStore.hlp.


The HELP file system includes a searchable knowledge base on a wealth of "How to" documentation from the Users Manual, common problems and errors, "white" papers on special topics, error codes and messages, and trouble shooting information.


Pegasus also offers direct support to registered users of InveStore via e-mail or telephone.


Note: A README.TXT file is included in the \PDT directory with the latest release information.


Have Your Information Ready


Pegasus Technical support hours are 7:00 - 17:00 PST, Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays). We guarantee a 24-hour response time during the business week on all technical support


When contacting Pegasus Technical Support staff regarding a question or problem, please make sure to have the following information ready:

      The InveStore product serial number for your install site.

      A detailed problem description.

      A copy of the InveStore Log file(s). These are created and stored in the \PDT\LOG directory on the hard drive partition where you installed InveStore. The file name consists of your storage serverís assigned name by your administrator, followed by the date on which the log file was created. The file extension is "LOG". Send the "*.LOG" files along with your reported problem description.

Example: [Serverís name]013005.LOG = STORAGESRVR013005.LOG


In this instance, "StorageSrvr" is the assigned name in the above example server. The above file name is for the log file that was generated on January 30th, 2005. For each new day that the InveStore Console is initialized, a new log file is created.


These LOG files should include an InveStore system startup and should reflect the date current with the experienced problem. You may provide Pegasus Support with more than one log.

The required information may be Internet e-mailed to: