During system boot, the computer hangs


Possible causes: This problem may occur because of possible conflicts within the system. By asking and answering the following questions, you can resolve most conflicts:


- Are there any interrupt channel conflicts between the SCSI host adapter and any other peripheral card? (System may hang, and no keyboard input is accepted.)


Solution: If two peripheral cards attempt to use the same interrupt channel, problems will occur. Change the interrupt channel to use an available channel.


- Are there any I/O port address select conflicts within the system? (System frequently hangs for no apparent reason or occasionally fails to boot.)


Solution: Verify that there are no other peripheral cards present in the system using the same I/O port address.


      You suspect problems between the SCSI card and the hardware:

Check the items listed below:


- Is the SCSI host adapter properly cabled and connected to the one or more storage drives or library?


- Are the storage drives or is the library powered on?


- Is the SCSI bus terminated at each physical end of the SCIS bus?


- Does each SCSI device have an individual SCSI ID?


- All devices MUST have different SCSI IDs. Libraries must have the SCSI IDs set as follows:


Library ID = Lowest available ID, drive 0, next lowest, drive 1, and so on.

Valid SCSI IDs are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


- Is there a SCSI hard drive present in the system? Most SCSI boot devices are configured as SCSI ID=0. Ensure that additional devices are configured such that they do not conflict with existing installed devices.


For additional troubleshooting suggestions, please consult your SCSI hardware installation manuals or call the SCSI host adapter manufacturer for technical support.


You may view the current list of supported hardware from the device support link on our web site at:




Note: If you cannot get the SCSI driver to load successfully, call the SCSI adapter manufacturer. Pegasus cannot resolve this problem.