Console Opens, but Nothing Shows Under Enterprise View


This may occur for several reasons:


1) A device problem with the storage library. Make sure that the storage library is attached correctly to the SCSI Bus, and is "seen" properly in the Operating System.


You should also check the InveStore log file (\PDT\LOG\[ServerNameDate.LOG]) to see if any device level errors were reported.


2) This may be a permissions problem with the User Name and Password used to logon to the storage server, or with logging in through a Domain Controller rather than directly to the storage server.


The problem here is that even though the storage sub-system has actually started (as verified in the InveStore log file) it is not being displayed in the MMC.  This is a permissions issue where the OS is denying the action.


You must make sure that you have installed and started the InveStore software using the same LocalSystem account logon for that specific storage server. Do not use a temporary account, or a Domain account. You must also logon to the local storage server and not through a domain controller.


Do the following:


·      Reboot re-boot the server.

·      At the Windows login screen look for the option Log On To

·      Make sure to select the option displayed there for (this computer)

·      Make sure that you are using a LocalSystem User Name and Password with administrative permissions created on that server.

·      Install the InveStore software.

·      When prompted, reboot and use the same login sequence.

·      Start the InveStore software as an application from the Program folder option.

Note: You may also need to add your "User" name into the list to logon under the local security policy on the local storage server. This may be necessary in some cases even though it may already belong to the "Admin" group.

3) This can also occur when there is an attempt to access the storage server by using a "remote" login from another workstation. Permissions and authentification issues in the operating system may be preventing the software from starting correctly.


Try logging while physically in front of the storage server.


4) You must have a network card and operating system protocols installed on the local storage server, and be physically connected to a live LAN.


5) You may not have the server setup to fully support Microsoft’s MMC and COM/DCOM functions.


To achieve true Enterprise level control of the data storage system and its individual components InveStore v4 uses the architecture of Microsoft’s MMC and COM/DCOM programs. This provides the framework for InveStore v4 and requires that certain services and protocols be installed and started on the server that InveStore is installed on. This is determined by the nature of how these Microsoft programs function, and not by the InveStore snap-in console.


The functionality that these requirements provide must be in place on the server in order for the MMC InveStore console to be able to communicate properly to the "local" system. If the server that InveStore is installed on does not have ALL of these services started, or if your IT department has disabled or modified certain aspects of these services, then the functionality needed will not be available thereby affecting the ability of InveStore to perform its tasks.


We have identified the following requirements for the MMC and COM/DCOM programs:


Protocols: NetBIOS or DNS entry for your server (Local Machine), TCP/IP


Installed services: DCOM, Server, RPC


Installed programs: Explorer 5 or newer for MMC


However, with the almost weekly changes in the Windows OS due to "security" patches and updates, the above list may not identify all of the dependencies for these Microsoft programs.