Sharing the InveStore resource via the Internet


It is important to remember that fundamentally, the InveStore assigned drive letter is a local, sharable resource within the Windows operating system. This resource can be shared in the same manner that any other local drive is shared.


To share any resource via the Internet, first requires that TCP/IP be properly configured on the Windows server. The Windows storage server must have a qualified fixed IP address (valid on the Internet). Any Firewall used must allow access of the IP address to the "outside" world.


Once you have properly "Shared" the Pegasus InveStore controlled storage resource, you may map a drive letter from any client with the proper permissions from the Internet. To do this, you have several options:


From a CMD prompt, you may use the "NET SHARE" command to connect to the InveStore resources (type NET SHARE /? Command details) using any of the following methods:


Connect via the Pegasus InveStore computers IP address:


Example: NET USE O: \\\InveStore


Note: This method does not require a DNS entry for the InveStore server. Connect using a fully qualified DNS Name.








Note: This method requires a valid DNS registered server name and domain name.


From the Windows Explorer, My Computer or Network Neighborhood, select the Map Network Drive option:




Or using a fully qualified server name and domain name: