Sharing InveStore on a Windows Network


Note: you must first install and configure InveStore as a service in order to receive the correct authentification to share the drive letter from the operating system. See section on Installing InveStore as a Service for further details on this.


In order for client machines to access the InveStore controlled resource over a Windows network, you will need to share the drive that represents the InveStore storage file system and grant appropriate access permissions to users.


The first step in "sharing" the InveStore resource is to assign a local drive letter to the storage file system so that users can access it transparently.


Sharing the Attached InveStore Drive letter


Open the My Computer icon on your Windows Desktop. The PDTOFS drive will be displayed:




Right click on the PDTOFS icon. The following pop-up menu appears.




Select Sharing. The property window opens with the sharing tab visible.




      Select Shared this folder and enter a Share name in the text box. Choose a short but identifiable name such as "PDTOFS".

      Enter a meaningful resource definition in the Comment text box. Use a plain text definition like "InveStore v4 for Win dows".

      Click the Permissions button. The Share Permissions dialog box opens.




You can add User or Group access to the drive using the stan dard Windows security features. You may choose the Add button to add a Storage User group created by the Adminis trator (as this example shows) to facilitate granting storage system permissions.


      Check the Permissions you want to grant to this share.

      Click APPLY and OK.

The storage file system is now shared across the Windows network with the share name PDTOFS. Users that are members of the Storage Users group have permission to read the volumes.


My Computer will now show the PDTOFS icon with a "hand" underneath, signifying that the drive is now a shared resource.