Mapping to a Windows 9x or NT/2000/2003/XP Client


Click on the Network Neighborhood Icon on your Windows desktop. This displays the various servers that are on your Network, including the InveStore storage server.





Select your storage server by its assigned name and "click" on this icon to display resources that may be mapped to on this server:






"Right click" on the "PDTOFS" icon and then Map network Drive. The Map network Drive window appears.





      Enter the Drive letter or select from the drop down list.

      Click OK to complete the process.

You can now access InveStore on the client computer as a local drive, "O" in this case. To verify the mapped drives presence, Double click on the My Computer icon and look for the PDTOFS drive:




Once the drive letter has been mapped, the client workstation will be able to view and access the InveStore resource via the assigned drive letter from Explorer: