Windows 2003 Service Setup after Uninstall


Important Note: The server logon that you use for this sequence, MUST be the same user name and password used to install the InveStore software and used to start it as an application. This is an account with administrator privileges for the local storage server system itself (LocalSystem).


If you have just completed a new installation of the InveStore software, for further setup information please see Running InveStore as a Windows Service in the section under Installing and Starting the Software. If this is a reinstall of the InveStore service, then please continue.


      Make sure that you have shutdown the InveStore system.

      To run the Service Install, select the Start Menu from the Windows desktop and locate the Pegasus InveStore folder. Select "Service Install.

      After reading the infor mation, select Continue.

      A simple login screen will be displayed. You will enter the user name LocalSystem, with no password.




      Using LocalSystem with no password defaults to the administrative login and password that you have just used to logon to the server.

      Once you have entered LocalSystem as the User Name with no password, select "Ok". The InveStore service, will then startup.

      To change the startup type from the default Manual setting to Automatic, you will then open Control Panel, Administrative Tools and select Services.

      This displays the Services screen:




      Scroll down through the services showing, until you find the Pegasus File System Service entry. Right click on the "Pegasus File System" service to open the Properties screen:





      Change the Startup Type from Manual to Automatic. Then select the Apply and Ok buttons.

Note: Once InveStore is installed and configured as a service, the InveStore MMC console screen no longer controls the starting or stopping of the storage subsystem. The subsystem is now controlled through the service selection for InveStore in the Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services screen. To properly stop InveStore, you will need to select STOP for the InveStore service.