Server Sub-System & SCSI Setup Issues


There are specific recommendations and supplemental information on the setup and installation of your Windows server sub-system and for the storage device you have selected to use with the InveStore product.


Note: Sub-system refers to the physical components of your storage system including PC Server and its OS, SCSI card, cable, terminator, and the Storage device. Before proceeding with the installation of your InveStore product, you should review the following considerations regarding the physical setup and configuration of your hardware.


      SCSI Adapter boards

      System RAM and Pagefile Settings


      SCSI Bus lengths and related issues

      SCSI Bus termination and Cables

      Daisy-chaining devices

      SCSI Addressing Requirements

      SCIS Bus Addressing Issues

      Disabling or Un-claiming drives in Windows

      InveStore Service Setup

Note: For the latest information and program notes, please view the README.TXT file located at the root of the \InveStore install directory.