SCSI Addressing Requirements


The following is recommended for the SCSI addressing setup of legacy libraries. This requires the operator to use the front panel on the library to modify these settings. Please refer to your library manufacturer’s manual for information on this subject.


Note: These requirements do NOT apply to those libraries configured with UDO, UDO2, Blue-ray, or 5.2 GB, or 9.1 GB storage drives.  The libraries configured with these drives support the "READ element status" command that identifies which drive belongs to which library.


Stand-alone Drives


There are no specific SCSI addressing requirements for standalone drives.




Many of the legacy libraries will NOT operate using the device manufacturer’s default SCSI ID assignments. These libraries are not capable of reporting the SCSI ID of each specific drive element via the SCSI "READ element status" command. If your library does not support this feature, please follow the recommended addressing scheme shown below.


Below are examples of correct and incorrect addressing schemes. In general, library SCSI IDs must be lower than drive IDs, and the drive IDs must be in sequence.


Single library











Two-library system


SCSI IDs must be in sequence.










Note: We recommend using "TARGET MODE" over "LUN" in the library setup whenever possible.