InveStore Service Setup after Uninstall


Note: If you have just completed a new installation of the InveStore software, for further setup information please see Running InveStore as a Windows Service in the section under Installing and Starting the Software. If this is a reinstall of the InveStore service, then please continue.


While the InveStore Service is automatically installed during the original installation of the software, you may find that you need to uninstall and then reinstall the InveStore service at some point.


InveStore supports full setup and configuration as a Windows Service. This allows InveStore to startup automatically when the system boots. Before proceeding with the installation of InveStore as a Windows service, please make sure that you have done the following:


o     Reboot your Windows storage server after installation of code.

o     Verify the successful startup of the InveStore system.

o     Format and mount media into the library or drive.

o     Assign a logical drive letter and establish your shares.

o     Successfully copy files to and from the storage device.

o     Make sure that you shutdown the InveStore console before proceeding.

Once you have verified the above you will then you will proceed with the InveStore Service installation.


To start the InveStore service installation, select the Windows Start menu, Programs, Pegasus InveStore folder, and Service Install option. A screen will be displayed regarding the above information. Select Continue when you are ready to continue.


Note: The use of Windows 2000, 2003, and XP require slightly different procedures due to the differences in the operating systems. See the appropriate section dealing with your version of the operating system.