Server Tools


InveStore features various configuration and setup tools that will help you get the most from your storage management system. The majority of the "tuning" parameters are accessed by using the right-click on the Server node, and then by selecting the Properties option:





This opens up a Properties screen from which to select and modify various parameters and settings:





The General tab shows the following information:

Number of Volume Sets- The number of single and multi- disk volume sets in the local InveStore server


Number of Volumes- The number of individual disk surfaces in the local InveStore server


Number of Libraries- The number of storage hardware devices attached to the local InveStore server


Up-Time- The amount of hours and minutes that the local server has been operating since the last startup sequence


Company- The software distributor.


Serial number- The InveStore product serial number for that specific server install.


Version number- The version of InveStore software.