Lazy Write



The default and recommended storage subsystem setting is Lazy Write. This InveStore feature employs high performance RAM caching to enhance the speed and efficiency of data writing and retrieval. The algorithm delays writes to storage disk, flushing files in the background at a later time. A completion of the write is returned to the application before the data is actually written onto the storage disk surface. This frees the application to con tinue with other processes rather than being delayed by the slower speeds of the library and storage drives.

Lazy Write incorporates a background idle time thread for flush ing data to the storage disk. Anytime the system is idle, the back ground thread will wake up and commit cached data. This helps eliminate performance degradation that can occur if the cache becomes full during heavy operation and forces migration.


With Lazy Write, InveStore writes data from the RAM cache to storage disk in a contiguous thread that is more efficient for throughput and significantly reduces file system overhead. In addition, recently active files remain in the cache buffer allow ing files to be instantly recalled.


The net result of using Lazy Write is faster write-throughput and less overall disk space usage.