Volume Sets Node


The InveStore Storage Management Software provides the ability to manage single or multi-surface volumes referred to as Volume Sets. The next level of the management console is a folder icon labeled Volume Sets. This object is visible whenever there is a storage device attached and operating on the system.


The Volume Sets icon will not appear without a functional storage device attached and operating on the server.


Right mouse click on the folder to view the options available to you for managing volumes.




Volume Sets Right Mouse Click Options:


      Format Volume Set starts the Format Volume Set Wizard from which you are able to create new volume sets.

      Mount Volume Set lets you Mount a single or multi-surface volume set within a library.

      Unmount Volume Set lets you Unmount a single of multi-surface volume set from a library.





The Properties screen provides details on the specific Volume Set. This includes:


Total Space- the total space of that volume set


Free Space- the available storage capacity of the volume set.


Watermarks- the directory and file creation watermarks set by the administrator.


Current Write Surface- the member of the volume set that is currently being written to and detail on the media.


As well as details on Last Access, Last Modify, and Create time.