Un-mounting a Volume


Note: You will NOT use the front panel buttons on the library for this procedure.


To un-mount a volume, right-click on the Server view (take a media out of the library or drive), and select the Unmount Volume Set option:





      From the Volume Set pull down, select the volume you want to Unmount.






Offline Location: For ease in tracking offline volume sets, you may add information in this area describing the exact location that you are storing the "offline" volume in.


Unmount Type: You may track the location of an offline volume set, recording an offline location if desired. To track an un-mounted volume set, select the Keep Cache option. If you do not want to track the offline location of a volume set, select the Delete Cache option.


Note: If you have selected the Keep Cache option, once the volume set is un-mounted from the library, the volume will still be listed in the folder contents to the right of the Library view.


Bar Code: When the user un-mounts a Volume Set the bar code information for the root member is displayed as part of the unmount information.