Library Properties (Individual)


Right mouse click options on an individual Library, reveals the Properties option for that library:





Name: Name assigned by operator in the InveStore software for library identification.


Type: The type of storage device (jukebox, standalone drive).


Status: Online or Offline.


Slots: the number of internal slots this library is configured with. The slots will hold the media used for storage.


Drives: the number of internal drives this library is configured with.


Revision: the firmware revision for the library controller.


SCSI ID: the configured SCSI ID for the library controller.


Pickers: the number of robotic transports this library is configured with.


Mailslots: the number of mail slots (jukeboxes).


LUN: the configured LUN ID for the library controller


PORT: the SCSI adapter card assignment in the server used to control this library.


Vendor: the manufacturer of the storage library (Hewlett Packard in this case).


Product: the manufacturer’s SCSI inquiry model number (C1100J by HP in this case).