Formatting Bar Code Media


The format screens have been modified to accommodate bar code technology. The user may either select media for formatting from a Media Group (as it is currently done with standard media) or to select which Individual Disk they wish to format as member 0 of the Volume Set.


Media Group: The user will follow the normal steps used to begin the format process by selecting Format Volume Set from one of the console nodes. In Step 2 of the format wizard, the user selects a media group from the Media Group to Format field. The actual disk surfaces that are used for the Volume Set is then automatically selected by the InveStore software and is not under user control.


Individual Disk: You may select the actual disk (and its associated bar code) that you desire to format as member 0 of a Volume Set. This is accomplished by right-clicking on a specific unformatted media surface (displayed under the Volume Sets node) and then selecting Format Volume Set. The default volume set name displayed will be the bar code information for that actual disk. The user may modify the default name as desired or leave the bar code as the volume name for tracking purposes.


In the case of multi-surface volume sets the user will only be able to select the first disk for the Volume Set (member 0). The InveStore software will automatically select any additional disks required to create the Volume Set for the appropriate size and extensibility.