Windows Net Stop and Net Start commands


It is very important to shut down the Pegasus InveStore software properly before shutting down the Windows operating system.


To ensure that the InveStore software is allowed the time to successfully complete the shut down process, a user can open the Windows "Services" interface and manually select stop service.  However, there are times when an application such as those provided by most of the popular Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) programs need to automatically shut down the InveStore File System Service from a command line option, before the operating system shuts down. 


To ensure that InveStore is allowed time to flush any write cache, unload the optical drives and return the disks to their home slot, add this command to the pre-shutdown program/command field:


C:\>net stop "Pegasus File System Service"


You will need to allow time for this shutdown process to complete.  We recommend measuring two or three shutdown processes run at the end of a long production cycle to determine the correct delay time to add before the operating system shutdown.  The larger the library, the more time required to shutdown. 


To see a list of all of the currently running services, simply enter:


C:\>net start |more 


This command will display the list of running services on the local Windows server: 




To startup the InveStore system simply execute:


C:\>net start "Pegasus File System Service"