Software Registration and Activation


InveStore is designed with an activation mechanism that requires a code-key to establish permanent functionality. Prior to activation, the software provides full functionality within a specified grace period, usually 15 days.


When running the software prior to permanent activation, on startup and periodically during runtime, the software flashes an activation reminder and displays the number of functional days remaining. If the software is not activated by the end of this time period, it will cease to function.


Registration Process


The information needed to complete the Registration and Activation process is accessed via the Windows Start menu/Programs and then the InveStore folder. Select Activation. You will find your InveStore serial number and registration code used to generate the proper key:




You may Copy n Paste directly from the Activation screen, into the online registration form.


There are two steps required to obtain the proper activation key: 


      Register the software

      Provide the serial number and registration codes

This is accomplished by conducting the registration on-line at the InveStore Registration Web page:


A Pegasus representative will then issue the activation key via the email address you provide. The activation process is completed by the operator entering the new key in the Activation screen and then by selecting the Activate button.