Running InveStore as a Windows Service


Important Note: To correctly run InveStore as a service, you MUST use the SAME logon and password that you used to install and start the InveStore software. This is a LocalSystem account with administrator privileges for the local storage server system itself. Do not use a Domain account or logon through a Domain controller.


InveStore supports full setup and configuration as an Windows Service. This allows InveStore to startup automatically when the system boots. The InveStore service is automatically installed during the original installation of the InveStore software. However, the service is set to Manual by default.


Before changing the InveStore service to Automatic, you will need to make sure that you have completed the following steps:


      Start up InveStore as an application from the Program folder option, InveStore Startup as described earlier in the section on Installing and Starting the Software.

      Attach a drive letter for InveStore as described earlier in the section on Installing and Starting the Software.

      Mount and format media as describe in the sections for these operations in Managing the Storage Subsystem.

      Execute Read and Write tests verifying the integrity of your storage system as described in the Testing section in Trouble Shooting and Support.

      Next, change the InveStore Pre-mount All setting to No. This parameter is modified in the Settings Management screen, as described in the section on Optimizing System Performance.

      From the Windows Control Panel, select Administrative Tools and then the Service folder and locate the Pegasus InveStore service option.

      Right click the Pegasus InveStore service and select Properties.

      Change the Startup Type to Automatic.

      Select Apply and Ok.

Note: Once InveStore is installed and configured as a service, the InveStore MMC console screen no longer controls the starting or stopping of the storage subsystem. The subsystem is now controlled through the service selection for InveStore in the Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Services screen. To properly stop InveStore, you will need to select STOP for the Pegasus InveStore service.