Installation steps


Important Note: You must logon to the storage server using an account with administrator privileges for the local storage server system to install InveStore under Windows. This is a LocalSystem account on the actual storage server itself. Do not use a Domain account or logon through a Domain controller. This logon MUST be the same user name and password used to run InveStore v4 as an application, and to install it as a service later.


The installation program performs the following basic functions:


      Updates the Windows registry to include the appropriate directory paths and specify the necessary device drivers.

      Creates the PDT directories on the magnetic drive you specify and copies the program files to this directory. PDT is the default root directory created by the installation program.

      Installs Microsoft Management Console (MMC) if needed.


To install InveStore:


      Insert the InveStore CD into your Serverís CD-ROM drive. The CD should autoplay or you may click the Start menu in the lower left corner of the Windows desktop and use Run to launch "setup.exe".


      Read the information displayed in the Welcome and Software License Agreement screens, and click Next. You will then follow the instructions displayed for User Information and Destination Location, entering the appropriate information when prompted.


Note: Make sure that you specify a local hard drive on your storage server, and not a remote drive on your network.


      Next, you will select the Setup type you desire to install:




There are two Setup types you will select from in this screen.


      Server/Client: Installs all InveStore program files for local and remote storage library control, the InveStore MMC snap-in modules for the console, and the on-line manuals to your system.

      Client: Installs the InveStore MMC snap-in modules for remote console control of InveStore storage servers, and the on-line manuals to your system.

      Select the Setup Type you desire, and then Next.

      During the installation, you will be prompted to input your InveStore software license serial number which is located on the back of the CD cover. You must input a valid license serial number.

      InveStore will ask you if you want it to claim the CD-ROM devices, connected to your server. If you select yes, InveStore will claim and control all CD-ROM devices. Choosing no will prevent InveStore from claiming and taking control of your CD-ROM devices

Note: If installing an InveStore WIN-CD-xxx software model, this prompt will not appear.




      If you are using InveStore to control a CD-ROM library or tower you will need to choose YES, or no InveStore CD-ROM drivers will be installed.

      The software will then begin to copy the software to the local hard drive.

      You will be asked if you would like to install the Adobe Acrobat Reader if it is not already present on your computer. This program is required to view the InveStore manuals, which are in PDF format.

      You will then be asked if you want to disable InveStore controlled device in Windows:




      The InveStore screen to disable these devices will be displayed.




      From this screen select the drives you want to disable in Windows and then Apply and then Exit.

      InveStore will confirm the device that you want to disable:




      Select Ok and then Exit to continue with the installation process.

      You will also be asked if you want to disable the Windows Removable Storage Management (RSM):




      If so, select Yes and the RSM service will be stopped if running, and then disabled.

      The following message will be displayed:



      It is necessary to restart your server when prompted to complete the installation process.