SONY CDL2200 Library


1) During the mount volume procedure, the software driver will grab a caddy and then move it to the import slot, which causes the mail slot to open. User must place a disk into the mail slot and then manually shut the door. The driver cannot see the disk until the door is closed.


2) During the un-mount volume procedure the software will move the disk with caddy to the export slot that causes it to open. User can then remove the disk, but THE CADDY MUST NOT be removed. The driver is not designed to import and export caddies. If a caddy is removed, the software will get an error the next time it tries to use the slot whose caddy the user has removed. Jukebox must be shut down to import the caddy back into the system. Please note that ANY SLOT that does not contain a CADDY will be marked as UNUSABLE.