Setup and Configuration of 3 Bus Plasmon Library


These devices may come pre-configured with UDO drives only or be a mixed UDO and M.O. configuration.


For three bus jukeboxes, the drives that are configured on a separate Bus from that of the juke controller MUST have unique SCSI ID's from ANY drive on the other non-jukebox controller bus. Any stand-alone drives must be on their own bus and this must be the highest bus on the server system.


Example with a 6-drive system with 2 drives on each bus:




Example with a 12-drive system with 4 drives on each bus*:




* The mixed drive Plasmon devices (UDO & M.O.) are configured under the SCSI narrow specification. So the extended SCSI IDís are not available. In this case you will also need to go into the BIOS screen for the SCSI card controlling the third BUS (CTRL-A for Adaptec SCSI cards at server system boot). Change the initiator SCSI ID for the Adapter card from # 7 to # 3 so there is no conflict with the ID settings for the drives.