PowerFile Operations


To mount a CD/DVD into the PowerFile device:


      Select "Mount" from within the InveStore console. The carousel in the PowerFile device will turn, and then the front slot will open.


      Insert the CD/DVD with the label side facing to the right (data side to the left). Once the CD/DVD is dropped into the slot, the slot will close and the carousel will rotate in order to load the CD/DVD into one of its drives.


      At this point the CD/DVD will be read, and InveStore will mount it and show it within the "Mounted Volumes" window.


In the event that the user mounts the CD/DVD backwards (IE: label side to the left), the CD/DVD will still mount but the following error messages will appear in the log:


10:36:55 (Help) Error = 49 (0x0031) on sector 0x00000010 Object = * LINE: 800, FILE: PFSIO.c

10:36:55 (Error) Not a PDT labeled disk: Error Code = 175 (0x00af) LINE: 379, FILE: LMISC.c

10:36:55 (Warning) Platter in (SLOT 0) contains an unknown format and cannot be referenced.

10:36:56 (Info) Successfully Loaded Volume !PDT0000


Even though it says it has loaded successfully, the volume name will have a "!PDTxxx" name and will not be readable. The user can proceed to Unmount this CD/DVD.


Note: InveStore begins the slot count at zero (0), whereas the PowerFile device begins its slot count at one (1). Thus if the user wants to eject via the PowerFile front panel they needs to add one to the slot number that InveStore reports.


The user must also shutdown InveStore before attempting to use the front panel controls of the device.