Plasmon Enterprise D Series DVD-RAM Library


Support of Double-sided Media


The Plasmon D series DVD-RAM storage device must have the proper robotic flipper mechanism installed in the hardware to be able to use and access both sides of double-sided media. Without the ability to flip the media, only one side of double-sided media will be accessible.


Important Note: You should never remove or insert the Import/Export slot media unless its light is flashing.


Mounting a Magazine


To mount a magazine while InveStore is running requires that you insert the magazine into the Import/Export slot, which is located at the bottom of the magazine door.


Example: To mount a disk using InveStore, select "Mount" from the InveStore console. The libraries magazine door will unlock. Open the main front door panel of the jukebox, and then open the small magazine door.


Important Note: Slowly Insert the magazine into the bottom Import/Export slot. This should have a flashing light to the right of it. You will then close the magazine door. InveStore will mount the media that are in this magazine.


Mounting media in the library with InveStore Shutdown


From the front panel of the library navigate to the "Exchange Storage Magazine" item, then select either "I/E" for importing into the Import/Export slot, or "ST" for the Storage Slots.  Selecting one of these will unlock the magazine door and allow you to insert the loaded magazines into any of the chosen slot type.  If you have selected "I/E" in the previous step then you MUST insert the magazine into the bottom slot.  If you have selected "ST" then you can insert magazines into any of the slots located above the bottom slot.  


Next close the magazine door and the library front panel and startup InveStore per normal operations.  All of the media in the magazines that are in storage slots will automatically be mounted by InveStore and be displayed at the Volume Set view in the InveStore console. 


Important Note: If a magazine is inserted into the Import/Export slot then a mount must be issued from the Console in order to have those media mounted.


Un-mounting a Magazine


From within InveStore issue an Unmount for each volume set.  If an empty magazine is required then InveStore will issue a message stating that it needs a magazine, and the magazine door will open.  The user must then insert an empty magazine into the Import/Export slot.  The user can also choose to insert an empty magazine before issuing any un-mounts by right clicking on the library and selecting "Open Magazine Door". The magazine door will then unlock, allowing you then to remove the magazine from the Import/Export slot and insert and empty one.


Potential Operator Issues:


      It's very easy to have a tray inside of a magazine pop out part way after it's been inserted into the magazine slot. This will cause the jukebox to error with an alarm beep and then display an error message on the front panel. The magazine door will then become unlocked.


      To recover from this user error requires that the operator remove the magazine and then push the CD tray back into the magazine. You will then SLOWLY re-insert the magazine back into the Import/Export slot.


      Inserting a magazine into a slot other than the Import/Export slot while InveStore is running will cause InveStore to become out of sync with the library. It is very important that the operator import or export magazines ONLY using the Import/Export slot that is flashing.


For further information on using this device, refer to your Plasmon users manual or visit the Plasmon web site at: