Pioneer DRM-1004x CD Library


1) There are some limitations with the Pioneer DRM-1004x that have to be treated in special ways. Before using the device, you must use a utility that is provided by Pioneer that forces the device to go through an initialization process. You may obtain a copy of the file WMOUNT.EXE from the Pioneer web site by searching under Utilities or Downloads:,,2076_4263,00.html


If you encounter any type of Pioneer device or server sub-system errors, it may be necessary to use this utility again, to insure that the device is in a valid and known state for reliable operation.


2) When queuing up a mount after a un-mount routine, the mail slot door only opens once. If you close the mail slot door after the CD is un-mounted, you will not be able to open the mail slot door again. To get around this, take out the exported CD and put a new CD into the mail slot before closing the door.


3) When un-mounting CD media, remove the exported CD from the mail slot within a minute then close the door. Otherwise, the system may not gracefully handle other queued requests. This happens because the unmount request only allows the user 1 minute to close the door before going on to another request.