Loading Drivers for the PowerFile C200 under Windows 2000




Windows 2000 does not include drivers for the PowerFile C200. This document will show how to load the driverís for the PowerFile C200.


Disable Removable Storage Manager


Before installing the PowerFile Changer on a host system running Windows 2000, select Computer Management (right click My Computer, then go to 'Manage'), expand Services and Applications, expand Services, select 'Removable Storage', (If necessary, "Stop" the service), change Startup type to "Disabled", click Apply, then click 'OK'.


Loading the PowerFile C200 Driver

Right click on My Computer and select Manage.

Select Device Manager and then Medium Changers.

Right click on PowerFile C200 and select Properties


Fig. 1 Device Manager



Select the Driver tab and select Update Driver


Fig. 2 Driver Identification



5. Select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)


Fig.3 Installing PowerFile Drivers



6. Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)".



Fig. 4 Installing PowerFile Drivers



Select "Include this location in the search" and browse to the location where the PowerFile C200 drivers are located.

Click OK to use these drivers.


Once the drivers are loaded, you should see both the PowerFile Medium Changer and the PowerFile DVD/CD drives loaded as shown in Fig.5.


Fig. 5 PowerFile Drivers Installed




Now that the PowerFile drivers are loaded, the PowerFile C200 is ready for use.