LMSI Diagnostics


The LMS series has 9 diagnostic tests (numbered 0 - 8). Test series 0 - 100 runs automatically on unit power up. Diagnostics are not executed after a SCSI reset (bus or message).


To run diagnostic tests 101- 899 use the DOC panel:


      Press BOTH DOC buttons simultaneously [View Config]

      Press the LEFT DOC button 2 times [Diagnostics]

      Press the RIGHT DOC button 1 time [Park Drive]

      Press the LEFT DOC button 5 times [Test Thru: 00]

      Press the RIGHT DOC button to indicate which tests to run [Test Thru: 08]

      Press BOTH DOC buttons simultaneously TWICE to get back to the operate mode

      Press the RIGHT DOC button to execute diagnostic Tests Thru: XX