Installing a PowerFile in Windows XP


The existing release of Media Explorer is compatible with Windows XP, but it is necessary to disable certain services and verify the device driver version. The following steps outline the process for running Media Explorer on a Windows XP



1. Click on the Start Menu.


2. Right-click on "My Computer" and select "Manage".


3. The "Computer Management" utility starts. Expand the section called

"Services and Applications".


4. Select "Services" and look for "Removable Storage". If the status is listed as "Enabled", right-click, select Properties. Then set the startup type to "Disabled", click Apply, then click "OK".


5. Still in the "Services and Applications" section, select "Shell Hardware Detection". Right-click and select "Stop".


6. If the status for "Shell Hardware Detection" is "Enabled", right-click and select Properties. Set the startup type to "Disabled", click Apply, then click OK.


7. Connect the Changer to the computer and then turn the Changer on. Windows should install its version of the PowerFile drivers, and ask if you want to reboot. Since the drivers need to be updated, do not reboot yet.


8. Go back to the "Computer Management" utility. Under "System

Tools", select "Device Manager".


9. Expand the section titled "Medium Changers", and select the PowerFile

Changer. Right-click on the changer, and select "disable".


10. Right-Click on the changer again, and select "Update Driver". The

Update Driver Wizard will start.


11. When Windows asks where to find the drivers, select "Install from a list,

or specific location".


12. When asked if you want to search, select "Donít search".


13. Select "Have Disk" and then select "Install From Disk". Point Windows

to the root drive of the PowerFile Installation CD.


14. When Windows asks to enable the device, enable the changer.


15. Reboot. Keep the PowerFile Installation CD in the CD Drive.


16. Click on the Start Menu, and select "My Computer".


17. Click on the CD Drive containing the PowerFile Installation CD.


18. Double-click on the Startup Program and follow the instructions.


Note: This procedure will need to be repeated for each additional PowerFile Changer that is added to the host system.


If you have any questions regarding this information, contact PowerFile support directly at: