1.    The Asaka User Manual documents that manually pushing the mail-slot tray closed as being a valid method of using the jukebox. This is opposed to using the front panel buttons for import and export operations. However if the user, manually pushes the mail-slot closed this will cause the InveStore software to get into an invalid state requiring that a complete system and device shutdown/startup is performed for the system to become usable again.


This occurs because in the Asaka device, the Read Element Status command that is used to detect the presence of media does not report a manually closed mail-slot properly to InveStore. Because of this, InveStore believes that the mail-slot is still open, even though it is not.


To correctly close the mail-slot upon issuing a Mount or Un-mount operation from the InveStore console, the operator MUST use the front panel buttons when prompted by the InveStore software.


2.    If the user removes a magazine, adds media to it and places it back into the Asaka device, the media will not appear in a subsequent Read Element Status command used to Mount media in this device. To correctly load media using the InveStore console, you will first start the process from the console and then when prompted, you MUST use the front panel buttons to complete the operation.