Windows Operating System Blue Screen


The occurrence of a Windows "Blue screen" or Windows operating system crash generally indicates that there is a problem on the SCSI BUS or with the hardware installed in the server (Too many SCSI cards, unsupported SCSI card, Out dated ASPI, I/O conflict, termination, defective hardware etc…).


InveStore operates at a different level in the Windows Operating System, and a significant problem in InveStore's normal operations would generate an "Application error" or "Dr. Watson" error. These application errors would not hang the Windows system itself.


To trouble shoot this error you will need to look under Windows "Administration Tools" and then "Event viewer". In "Event viewer" select "system" log and see what was occurring when the problem occurred (The entries have a date and time stamp). The information contained here should give you an idea as to where to start your trouble-shooting.