Why is the system loading each disk at startup?


InveStore features a configurable parameter that determines whether or not the software conducts an inventory of media in the library during its initial startup sequence. The Premount All parameter, when selected, instructs the file system to mount each volume to verify its volume label, relation to as a member to a volume set, and its physical location in the library.


While this process will take some time, it is intended to ensure that all media tracked by the file system at the time of the last shutdown are indeed present at restart. This protects the system from unexpected problems due to media that may have been moved or removed via library front panel controls while the server system was down. By default, this parameter is enabled (or set to YES) indicating that the software will perform the inventory at each startup.


To modify this setting, you may use the REGISTRY EDITOR utility (located in the InveStore\bin sub-directory) so that InveStore bypasses the Premount All process to speed the storage server start-up and availability. Once disabled all subsequent re-starts of the InveStore system will not perform an inventory.


It is recommended that this parameter be disabled only when functioning in a normal production operation.  If your site experiences problems or if a normal shutdown of InveStore does not occur, it is best to re-enable the Premount All option be re-enabled and the system restarted. This will help to avoid problems that could occur when accessing storage media.