The ordinal 6688 could not be located in the dynamic link library MFC42.DLL


The file MFC42.DLL is a Dynamic Link Library module within the Windows Operating system that is used by a variety of applications that may be installed on your Windows server. The error condition occurs when the InveStore Kernel attempts to link to the MFC42.DLL file but is unable to find the information it is looking for within the module.


Most often this error occurs when a third party application has installed an older version of this file, over-writing the existing copy on the server hard drive. It also could indicate that there are multiple instances of the MFC42.DLL on the server or that the MFC42.DLL file has become damaged.

Use one of the following suggested recovery procedures to correct this:


1) Use the Find utility from your Windows Start menu to locate all instances of the MFC42.DLL file present on the server hard drive. Rename all instances of the MFC42.DLL that are not located in the \WINNT\SYSTEM directory.


2) Delete the instances of MFC42.DLL you find on the server hard drive and reinstall InveStore. As apart of the install, InveStore will install a current copy of this file to the \WINNT\SYSTEM directory.

3) If your third party application requires the use of a different version of MFC42.DLL, copy this specific version of the file to the current directory where the application executable resides. This will enable it to find and use that version when the application executes.