Standard Recovery


The following is the recommended procedure to recover from general storage library, sub-system, and InveStore cache errors.


      Shutdown InveStore:  Start - Programs - Pegasus InveStore -

InveStore Shutdown

      Open the InveStore Registry Editor

InveStore Registry Editor

      Make sure that the PREMOUNT ALL setting is enabled (checked). If not, enable it and then select APPLY and OK.

Enabling Premount All Disks

      Open a command prompt and change to the InveStore directory (\PDT).

      Execute two commands:  DEL OFS*.* and DEL BTREE.XRF (This will remove all InveStore directory cache files which reference file, directory, media and slot location information.  Restarting InveStore will create new cache files and update the library media map.


      Cycle the power on the storage library.

      From the front panel of the storage library, execute the "Init Elem Stat" (Initialize element status) for an HP storage library. Or "Scan Elements" test for a Plasmon or IBM type storage library. (This causes the storage library to re-inventory itself and to update its internal record of where media is. Please refer to your Library User Manual for details on this test.)

      Make sure that this passes without error. If the storage library reports an error to this test, you will need to have the storage library serviced.

      Restart Windows.

      Restart InveStore and let it rebuild the cache.  This will take time. 


Assuming that the storage library is operational at this point, this procedure should place both the library and InveStore back into known valid states.