Seeing multiple libraries for one library


Solution: This is caused by an incorrect configuration for the SCSI IDís assigned to your library and its drives. An incorrect setup of the library can lead to drive spin up, move media, and mount errors.


InveStore uses a specific SCSI addressing scheme to address the storage device. This is because historically most existing library interfaces don't provide a command for identifying which drive SCSI ID belongs to a library (newer storage libraries may provide the necessary support for this command).


As a result, the software cannot determine the difference between drives belonging to a particular library and drives from another library or standalone unit. Therefore it is recommended that you follow a predetermined addressing scheme.


This configuration is accessed from the front panel of the library. Please refer to your library Users Manual for details on how this is done.


The library SCSI ID should be set lower than the drive IDs, and the drive IDs must follow in contiguous sequence with no gaps between IDs. An example of this is as