SCSI/ASPI Disconnect Issues



It is important to understand that the InveStore software does not control, nor does it have any input on BUS phases. The InveStore software DOES NOT work with SCSI at that level. Also, InveStore has no control over whether disconnect is performed or not. This is handled at the firmware level of the SCSI card.


The Adaptec Firmware does not handle multi-threaded I/O in LUN mode, only in TARGET MODE. There is nothing that Pegasus can do to change that. As you know, InveStore uses the ASPI layer within Windows to communicate with the storage device. ASPI handles ALL SCSI communication.


InveStore is MULTI-threaded. When a given thread is ready to issue a SCSI command InveStore calls an ASPI entry point to do so. InveStore then creates an event and goes to "sleep" on that thread. When the command is complete ASPI signals the event and that thread wakes up.