No Supported Devices Found


At startup, InveStore performs a scan of the SCSI bus to determine what is present at each SCSI ID.  The software's Storage Hardware Interface Manager (OHIM) records the status of all SCSI IDs within the InveStore log file.  If the log indicates that a device you expected at a particular SCSI ID is not present, or if you receive a "No Supported Devices Found" error message, check the following:


      Make sure the device is powered on

      Make sure you are using a supported drive or library.

      Make sure you have the right InveStore license for the hardware attached to your server

      Make sure your SCSI cable is securely attached with no bent pins

      Make sure the SCSI cabling is within the proper specification.

      Make sure that you have an active terminator properly installed

      Make sure you have the proper ASPI drivers loaded (contact your SCSI card manufacturer for help)

      Make sure you can "see" the SCSI card and library in Control Panel > SCSI Adapters

      Make sure that the SCSI card reports the library correctly in the BIOS screen:  at the operating system boot, select "Ctrl-A" to go into the Adaptec BIOS and execute a SCSI scan to confirm that the library and drives report correctly at the assigned SCSI IDís

The OHIM module can only communicate with devices found and listed in the internal table of the ASPI driver.  If a device isn't showing, you must analyze the problem from the hardware/SCSI/ASPI standpoint.  InveStore simply reports what is on the bus and cannot be configured to any problems in this area.