Multiple Library Limitations


InveStore has the ability to support "daisy-chaining" multiple libraries on the same Windows server.

First, make sure that you have the correct model of InveStore software to control the combination of devices that you have on your server.  InveStore is sold in various categories that support different "slot" capacities.  You must have a license large enough to manage the total number of slots (amount of disks the library can hold - also known as shelves) for the devices attached to your system.


For example, the InveStore model Win-20 supports devices up to a total capacity of 20 media slots. InveStore Win-110 supports devices or a combination of devices up to a total of 110 media slots.


Second, determining how many SCSI cards you will need installed in the existing Windows server to provide control for the combination of storage devices. You must have sufficient IRQ and I/O port addresses for additional SCSI cards without causing conflicts with existing cards in the motherboard. Overloading the Windows server can cause problems with reliable operation.

Pegasus has successfully tested up to 3 SCSI controller cards, controlling 3 separate storage libraries on one Windows server.


Third, be sure to have sufficient CPU, RAM, and PAGEFILE resources configured.  If you choose to connect multiple storage libraries to one system, it is best that the server machine be dedicated to storage control. It should not be used to run additional applications such as heavy database programs that cause significant I/O traffic, nor should it be used to control additional SCSI devices such as a bank of RAID drives.


Fourth, make sure that your SCSI cable length is within the SCSI spec.