Manually Registering InveStore MMC


Problem: The InveStore snap-in is not registered in the operating system. Console fails to startup.




- Open a command prompt

- Change to the \PDT\BIN sub-directory

- Execute:


 pdtkrnle.exe /RegServer


- Once it returns to the prompt, change to the \PDT\DLL sub-directory

- Then execute:


 RegSvr32 /s issvr.dll


- Once it returns to the prompt, close out the prompt and reboot the server.

- After the server restarts, select the Windows Start menu and Run option. Type in MMC and select Ok.

- From the MMC console displayed, select the File menu, and Add/Remove Snap-in. Select Add and see if the following entry is displayed:


 InveStore Enterprise GUI


- If InveStore Enterprise GUI is displayed there you can close out the MMC and start InveStore from the folder option.