InveStore appears to start, but shows no activity


      Make sure that you have used a logon for the storage server that is a local system administrative account.

      Make sure that you are using the correct InveStore software with a supported storage device. You may confirm this at:


      Make sure that your storage device is correctly attached to the storage server via a supported SCSI card.

      Make sure that your storage device is "seen" in the BIOS screen for the SCSI adapter at system boot, and in the Windows Hardware Manager.

      Make sure that the Windows PAGEFILE settings are set to at least recommended minimums. Pegasus recommends that you setup a minimum of a 1024 MB PAGEFILE.

Standard PAGEFILE Formula:
Pagefile=2 x RAM



Server with 2048 MB of RAM: 2 X 2048 = 4096 MB


      If you selected to start InveStore as a service, make sure that you follow the proper steps during the installation and in the User manual to ensure that the service has been configured correctly.  Skipping a step can lead to improper system startup.

      Make sure that you have not disabled any of the COM/DCOM and RPC services in the OS. Also, TCP/IP and Internet Explorer v5 or higher must be installed.

      Make sure that you have NetBIOS or DNS entry for your server (Local Machine)