HP C1113M 9.1 GB drives


During the InveStore system initialization the device driver issues a "Mode Select" command to the drive to insure that the erase command will be allowed. This is particularly important if you are using the 512 byte/1024 emulated sector size provided by HP. A switch setting on the HP model C1113M makes this "Mode Select" command legal.


An error will occur on every InveStore system start-up when the switch on the HP C1113M drive in NOT properly set to enable this "Mode Select" support.


The InveStore startup routine showing this error will be as follows:




Further, once you have set the jumper to allow the mode select then the "Mode Select" will succeed and the erase command will be legal. 

The benefit of this is that it allows the user to know whether they have the jumper set correctly or not for their particular media use. If the user is not using the 512 byte/1024 emulated sector size media, then they do not need to change this switch.