Error Occurred While trying to Share PDTOFS


Pegasus has identified an issue within Windows 2003, XP, and in some 2000 SP4 server installs where the operator receives an error when trying to share the InveStore assigned drive letter.


The message displayed is as follows:




In spite of being able to access the folders via the drive letter in Windows Explorer or My Computer, the operating system reports that the "device does not exist".


This is a permissions issue with the System Account that is being used for InveStore. To correct this problem, please do the following:

      Start the InveStore console from the Start menu, Program Files, InveStore folder option.

      From the InveStore console, assign the logical drive letter for the storage resource.

      From the InveStore folder, select Service Install.

      After reading the displayed information, select Continue.

      A simple login screen will be displayed. Enter the user name LocalSystem, with NO password.

      Once you have entered LocalSystem as the user name, select Ok. The InveStore service, will then startup.

      To change the startup type from the default Manual setting to Automatic, open Administrative Tools and make this change in the InveStore entry in the Services folder.

      Next open Windows Explorer or My Computer and locate the InveStore assigned drive letter.

      Right click on the drive letter and select Sharing and Security. You will now be able to setup the share the drive letter per the normal operating system steps.