Error attempting to obtain drive access, OFFLINE drives, or no drives available


This may be due to a problem or event in the sub-system or library itself that has caused the drive(s) to be marked as OFFLINE.


Q- Does the current Pegasus log show ASPI SRB contents for SCSI Request sense key information that precedes this error?


If yes, then please see SCSI Request Sense Key information. The drive or library, may need to be serviced.


If no, then try the following:


      Shutdown InveStore and stop its Service if setup as one.

      Use the Windows Start Menu and Run to locate the REGISTRY EDITOR file in the \PDT\BIN subdirectory.

      Delete the field for the "OFFLINE DRIVES=" line.

      Select Apply and Exit.

      Restart InveStore.


This should allow the drives to be used again. However please note that if there are true drive errors that caused this problem then they will occur again, and the drives and/or library will need to be serviced.