Error attempting InveStore functions from remote site using Windows Terminal Services


In general, using Terminal Services should not impact whether or not you are running InveStore.


However, we recommend that before using Terminal Services with the InveStore resource, that you first install the InveStore software and do the initial setup, configuration, mount, formatting, install service and shares etc. "in person" while in front of and logged on to the actual Storage library.  The logon MUST be an administrative account on that LocalSystem and not a Domain Controller account.  Also this logon must be the same throughout all processes and usage of that InveStore install.


If you are attempting to access an InveStore install remotely by using Terminal Services, you must use the same LocalSystem account to logon to that system, and not a Domain Controller account.  Other wise you will encounter permissions issues with trying to effect changes or execute certain operations that will be prohibited by the server.